Queer Voices

November 16th, 2022 Queer Voices

November 16, 2022 Queer Voices
Queer Voices
November 16th, 2022 Queer Voices
Show Notes

World AIDS Day -- Activist Juan Palomo -- Hunny Phillips

We speak with CEO of AIDS Foundation Houston about his work at the organization and the upcoming World AIDS Day. World AIDS Day is a day to raise awareness about HIV and remember the community members and loved ones we have lost to AIDS/HIV. Houston ranks 11th in the nation for new HIV transmissions. Over 26% of those new transmissions will be diagnosed with AIDS, and there are 29,643 people living with HIV in the Greater Houston Area.

Guest John Huckaby

Then we speak with activist Juan Palomo. Juan R. Palomo was born in Grafton, North Dakota to Mexican immigrant parents and grew up in Crystal City, TX, spending much of his first 20 years with his family on the migrant farm worker trail to midwestern states.

He moved to Houston In 1990 as a columnist for The Houston Post, to write three columns per week, with free reign to develop content. Palomo had been with the Post nine months when Paul Broussard was murdered during a gay bashing incident (July 4, 1991). Palomo was horrified, even more so, when Broussard's mother said she was unable to understand why someone would murder her son. Palomo concluded it was because people like him remained silent. He wrote, "I feel a special responsibility to speak out because I have this forum and, more important, because like Paul Broussard, I am gay." The column ended: "I didn't know Paul Broussard, but silence does equal death and I have a responsibility to ensure that Houston does not forget him, or how he died, or why." 

Guest: Juan Palomo

Finally we speak Hunny Phillips about her work in the community and the LGBT Marriage club. The LGBT marriage club ensures that the world knows Love is Love. The organization helps build strong relationship foundations by acting as a resource hub dedicated to providing counseling, events, and fellowship dedicated to the LGBT+ community.

Guest: Hunny Marie Phillips