Queer Voices

December 7th 2022 Queer Voices

December 07, 2022 Queer Voices
Queer Voices
December 7th 2022 Queer Voices
Show Notes

Writer/director Crystal /bolden -- Pride Chorus Houston -- Poet Aaron Coleman

We speak with writer/director of the film, "Reina of the West", Krystal Bolden. Director Krystal Bolden creates a beautiful masterpiece with students from Sam Houston State University. Reina of the West is the tale of outcast women trying to survive in the old west. When the ranch is threatened by a group of men jealous of her success, Reina and her girls must prove they have what it takes to survive. The film premieres Friday at MATCH

GUEST: Krystal Bolden  

Then we speak with Dr. David York, music director of Pride Chorus Houston about their upcoming concert "Don We Now" happening on December 10th at Resurrection MCC. They are celebrating the holiday season the way only Pride Chorus Houston can! Join the chorus family during the most wonderful time of year. We will be making spirits bright with beautiful music from traditional Christmas carols to Hanukkah hymns, Solstice songs to sing-a-longs! So don all your gay apparel and join them for a holiday tradition.

GUESTS: Dr. David York

Finally, we speak with poet/musician Aaron Coleman about his work and his famous relatives. We hear some of his poetry and about growing up in Houston. He is also a musician describing himself as, "R&B, soul/pop, pop, progressive jazz, funk, ballad, eclectic music, aaron coleman, texas, poet, songwriter, musician."

Guest: Aaron Coleman