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July 12th 2023 Queer Voices

July 21, 2023 Queer Voices
Queer Voices
July 12th 2023 Queer Voices
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JD Doyle historian/author -- Legacy Community Health's Mint Julep -- Normal Anomaly 

We speak with Houston activist/historian and now author of the book, "1981: My Gay American Road Trip, A Slice of Our Pre-AIDS Culture". 1981. Rich with promise and possibility, the post-Stonewall era saw queer Americans standing up for themselves and each other like never before. With the rise of gay newspapers, bars, clubs, and businesses in cities all over the US, it was a time of hedonism, activism, pride, and community. A scene ripe for exploration and documentation, and journalist JD Doyle hit the road to do just that, traveling through 27 states to create a playful, intimate, profusely illustrated, one-of-a-kind record of gay life, love, lust, and liberation in the heady days before the devastating crisis that would change everything.

Guest: JD Doyle

Then, we speak with Bella Villarreal, Development Manager, about Legacy Community Health's Mint Julep, a fundraiser for Legacy's HIV/AIDS programs in its 21st year. This year's event will HONOR: Linda Cantu, JD Doyle and Doug Boyd aka Kimberly Anne O’Neil.

The Mint Julep CO-CHAIRS include: Tony Bravo, Cyndy Garza Roberts and Ray Purser. The event is held  July 16th, 2023 at the White Oak Music Hall.

Guest: Bella Villarreal 

Finally, we speak James Drake, lead research coordinator for the Normal Anomaly, 2023 Honorary Grand Marshal. The Normal Anomaly Initiative began in 2016 in Houston as a blog to tell the stories of people at the margins. Throughout the span of 3 years, the Founder, Ian L. Haddock, had the organization working with Huffington Post, Unites States Conference on HIV/ AIDS (USCHA) and Prime Video. As the platform grew, the Founder had amassed a team of nontraditional activists that began to expand the trajectory in which the group was going.

Guest: James Drake